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Kinsley Materials’ Filler Team

For years, Kinsley Materials has been a leading producer of high-quality concrete and aggregate products, but our diverse offerings extend beyond these well-known materials. A hidden gem in our production line is ground calcium carbonate (GCC), a versatile filler that plays a pivotal role in everyday items such as paints, rubbers, craft supplies and more.

Despite its low profile, this filler is integral to the production of thousands of products worldwide. Our production capacity positions us as a key supplier of GCC in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Tucked away at PenRoc Quarry, the filler plant runs 24 hours a day, five days a week, producing just under 100,000 tons of product annually. General manager Russ Witmer leads a team of two quality control technicians (Tracy Smith and Victoria George), four grinding production employees (Russ Snyder, Martin Valdovinos, Jason Geesey and Justin Eaton), and two packaging employees (Ira Hite and Robbie Witmer).


Our GCC originates in our quarry, where we mine for limestone. During the extraction process, we often come across stone that is unsuitable for construction activities, but instead of discarding the material, we provide it with a second life as filler.

This seemingly unusable stone is transported to our AP2 processing plant where it is crushed down to one and one-quarter by quarter-inch feedstock for our quality control team to test. These tests ensure the stone meets our specifications for calcium content and brightness. Once the stone passes the quality control check, it is then loaded into a dryer and subsequently sent to the filler plant for
further grinding.

During this phase of the production process, our filler is ground down into various sizes by large mechanical mills. This involves a grinding zone with six large rollers rotating at high force and a fan that lifts the raw product to a classifier equipped with variable speeds and small steel veins. These veins operate at different speeds, grinding the product to the desired size. From the mill, the product can either proceed directly to production or pass through more classifiers and a final stirred media mill to attain a sub-10-micron-level-quality.


Our versatile filler boasts widespread applications across diverse industries. A substantial segment of our sales caters to the cementitious sector, encompassing products such as leveling floor cement, grout, caulk, mason cement and more.

However, our filler’s influence extends far beyond this sector. It is a crucial component in a diverse array of products manufactured throughout the world, including rubbers, plastics, asphalt sealants, coatings, paint, abrasives, art supplies and more. Notably, we proudly supply Beynon Sports, a major provider of outdoor running tracks. Fun fact: every Leer truck cab manufactured in Indiana or Pennsylvania incorporates our filler in the fiberglass matting.

As the sole producer of sub-10-micron in the Mid-Atlantic region, our team is proud to craft a product that is so widely used. Thanks to the hard work of the entire filler team, we are able to produce just under 100,000 tons of product a year to supply to our customers throughout the United States and beyond.

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