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Mixing it Up at Manchester

Kinsley Materials and Kinsley Construction’s Building and Site divisions are working together to deliver Phase 1 of the Manchester Commerce Center, a large and high-profile development project in York, Pennsylvania. Kinsley Construction’s Building team is the prime contractor and design-builder on this 246-acre industrial park project to construct a 587,000-square-foot speculative warehouse and to prepare the site for future development.

In addition, Kinsley Construction is self-performing the concrete work including the footers and tilt-up wall forming, pouring and finishing, with a mix supplied by our team. Kinsley Construction’s Site team mobilized its crews in September 2023 and continues to support the project that is scheduled for completion in October 2024.

This is Kinsley Construction’s first project with Kansas-based NorthPoint Development, which plans for more logistics development in Central Pennsylvania, including two more spec warehouses in the Manchester Commerce Center. These additional phases of development bring a total of 2.6 million square feet of warehouse space to the industrial park and two more opportunities for Kinsley Construction to work with NorthPoint.

In the hopes of securing these future contracts, Kinsley Materials and Kinsley Construction collaborated on a plan to differentiate our company from the competition. The plan was to construct a portable concrete batch plant on site to help meet the aggressive schedule and control trucking costs.

I was at the plant at least three times a day during the process, but Jeremy practically lived there until it was all said and done.


Providing concrete for the footers, floor slabs, tilt-up wall panels, exterior curb and dolly aprons for this large warehouse requires a lot of material – approximately 25,000 total yards of concrete. For our team, having a concrete batch plant at the job site freed up resources for other projects. With the portable plant, only six drivers (eight trucks in case of any breakdowns) are needed to run material on-site instead of the typical 14-18 trucks that would run from our PenRoc location in West York.

Led by Chris Nolt, vice president of operations, and Jeremy Dayley, plant manager, the project to construct Portable Plant #53B was the first of its kind for Kinsley Materials. Jeremy oversaw the entire dismantling, shipping and reassembly process that lasted from November 27 to December 13, 2023.

Located at PenRoc quarry and operational until the day of dismantling, it took a crew of eight workers plus a crane operator to tear down the plant. It took eight flatbed trailers to move the entire system: one for the plant, one for the bins, one for the drum section, one for the plant framework, and four for the miscellaneous parts and pieces.

It took two and a half days to reassemble the plant and involved five people and a crane operator. Each trailer was choreographed into spots for easy crane picking so the pieces could be placed in order of assembly.

Those were some sleepless nights thinking about what needed to happen the next day to keep things moving seamlessly.


Electricity and plumbing are required to operate the portable plant. Per the plan, the structure was in place before the utilities, so Kinsley Construction’s Site team knew exactly where to install the pipe connecting the plant to the water supply. In addition, the Site team built a special ramp for the wheel loader to drive up to and load the plant bins with material.

In the first week of January, the last piece of the puzzle, the hot water tank, was delivered and installed and on January 9, the third-party testers calibrated the scale. We ran our first test load on January 12 to ensure that our hard work and planning paid off. The portable plant had its first official run when Kinsley Construction’s Building team poured footers in mid-January and everything has been mixing smoothly ever since.

There were lessons learned along the way. Our team gained insight that will help future moves go quicker. The goal for next time is to get the portable plant moved and operational in two weeks instead of three.

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Overall it was a flawless move. It was Chris, Jeremy and crew taking pride in the work that they do that made this portable plant project a success.

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