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You Buy It, We Bend It

Located in Central Pennsylvania, our 20,000-square-foot rebar plant houses multiple shears, various types of benders and large storage space for raw materials, allowing us to always be prepared for your project.

Our Services

Three estimating and budgeting professionals
Estimating/ Budgeting

We understand that your budget matters. With our in-house team of experienced estimators, we are able to evaluate each project and develop best value solutions.

Two men looking at computer monitors
In-House Detailing

Our detailers utilize the most advanced software to closely review shop drawings, providing a quicker material turnaround and ensuring project accuracy.

Piles of rebar in a warehouse

Whether you need several hundred pounds or several hundred tons, our hands-on team can ensure every piece of rebar is engineered to meet your project needs.

Red flatbed truck with piles of rebar

Receiving rebar at your job site is made easier with Kinsley Materials. By owning and operating a fleet of tractor trailers and flatbeds, we’ve become a trusted and reliable resource for materials delivery to any project site.

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